Saturday, 12 November 2016

NaNoWriMo: Maintaining Momentum

Every time I take this challenge, I run into a snag in my novel development. 

I start to run out of steam. I lose faith in my writing, in my ability to tell a story that matters. Sometimes I have written my character into a corner where there are no good choices. Other times I’ve lost my way and I’m out of ideas.

If this happens to you, take heart. Every time I take this challenge I also find my second wind in plenty of time to finish NaNoWriMo strong, albeit sometimes with a wild and ridiculous draft. Just like any other first draft!

Try taking a break. It seems counter intuitive, but if you take a hot shower, have a nap or go for a walk, you just might clear your mind enough to come back to your story with fresh ideas.

Consider people watching in a busy public location. As you watch, think about which stranger crossing your path might inspire just the right character to move your story forward.

Read. It might not feel like you have time to read in November if you’re trying to get 50,000 words onto the page. Reading offers a window to another perspective on the world, and whether you choose to escape through fiction or research some aspect of your story, reading can provide the nudge your story needs.

Believe in yourself! You can do this!

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