Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nanowrimo - My Annual Reminder that Anything is Possible

Nanowrimo - National Novel Writing Month.  It happens every November.  Around the world, the challenge begins in October for those who prepare outlines, research ideas and plan to work ahead on, or set aside, as many household responsibilities as possible.  When the clock strikes midnight and we welcome November 1, fingers begin flying across keyboards in time zone after time zone around the world.

This year I completed my third Nanowrimo challenge.  I wrote just over 50,000 words of a brand new story in 30 days.  I am a winner!

Each time I have participated - 2012, 2014 and 2015 - I have experienced the challenge on a similar curve.

Day 1: Anything is Possible!  This year will be fantastic!  Here we GO!!!

Day 2:  Oh yeah.

Day 10: Um, maybe this wasn't such a great idea.  When am I going to get a minute to add to my word count again?

Day 13: If I take the hyphens out, I can increase my word count...

Day 15: If I don't get my butt in the chair and my hands on the keyboard, this is going to be a wash.

Day 18: YES! Back in the groove and it feels SO GOOD!

Day 21:  This is a stupid story.  No one is going to want to read this.  What was I thinking?

Day 22:  If I break the compound words apart, I can increase my word count...

Day 23: That would make an interesting plot twist.  Yes, I'll try that!

Day 27: Work it.  Work it.  Just keep writing.

Day 30: OH YEAH! 50,000 words, there it is! Anything IS Possible!

The actual days may differ from year to year, but the curve of the experience has been the same all three times. This commitment, this challenge to myself to write a novel in 30 days seems to have a predictable pathway.

But, oh - the exhilaration when I am done!  What a wonderful feeling.

I have two part-time jobs, two volunteer positions and I am the primary parent of 4 kids ages 9, 12, 14 and 17.  I am busy all the time.  Despite my deep desire to write, it is hard to make time. Nanowrimo has given me three first drafts and has underscored the importance of making time.

Novel # 1 was revised during a weekend retreat in September and sent off to a writing contest.

Novel #2 has been reviewed and is ready for the first major revision work.

Novel #3 has only 50,099 words, with about 15,000 more to go to finish the story arch.

Anything is possible. What a wonderful feeling, indeed!